COSPA hyperspectral camera is an optical compact of hyperspectrometer created for collecting and analysing of hyperspectral data on wide spectral range with 0.4 -1 mkm wavelength. Hyperspectral analysis is used in remote sensing, materials’ quality control and monitoring of the surroundings.

Unique traits of compact hyperspectrometer are the following options:

  1. ability to be installed on gyrostabilized suspension for using on drones or rovers;
  2. CHS modification for tripod shooting of stationary objects;
  3. cloud software for forming and editing hypercubes;
  4. synchronized running of hyperspectral analysis and photofixation in a visible range with future possibility of photogrammetric editing of the shots and the hypercubes.

Stationary CHS is used for analyzing objects under conditions that don’t require the machine moving, par example, scanning of materials, products, liquids, etc. Its special function – selecting searched objects in conveying masses (quality control of medical supplies, sorting, etc.) When assembled, it is meant to be attached to stationary or mechanical platforms of any type.

Modification of stationary CHS is a stand-mounted version. It is used for portable facility movement without scanning quality loss. It is complected with lighting devices for achieveing optimal working mode. Stationary CHS

can be reasonably used in quality control units, for equipping portable scanning points, educational centers, doing field research etc.

Onboard version of CHS can be installed on different type of moving platforms – drones, rovers, driverless cars, agricultural machinery, etc. It is supplied on a 3D suspension device which guarantees the necessary tilt angle for hyperspectral camera during movement or flight. Mechanical stability of the suspension allows onboard CHS to be oriented both upward and downward.

AltiTral – quadcopter for hyperspectral scanning and photo- or videofixation.

Integrated mounting seats for 3D suspension device with a hyperspectral camera, onboard microcomputer; foldable beam modification. Flying time of 30 minutes, flight distance limited by ground station. Program compatibility with QGC and software for forming hypercubes and photogrammetrical data editing