ZHUZHA 2.0 The Flight of Fantasy

The devices of the teaching Method Series Zhuzha 2.0 have been produced since 2014. The unique Zhuzha’s set of units design is a safe technical way and effective solution for the training process. The course materials an make a teacher be sure of the lessons being planned and held. Children like Zhuzha. Day by day you are making a hit!

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The vehicles of  Zhuzha series  can be used in many competitions including…

Remote Controller FlySky 16    Accessories Software Battery Charger

Teaching  Materials

Ready To Fly  Modular Vehicle

  • A navigation unit (a flight controller mini APM, radio control receiver);
  • A motor board (motors MT 1806-2280KV, battery 1100 mAh, light-emitting diodes);
  • Landing gear (on board ARDUINO NANO, built-in on board barometric pressure sensor, a loudspeaker, light-emitting diodes, on board indicator).

In addition to that:



The basic thing of operating Zhuzha flight is a powerful flight controller being responsible for basic air navigational characteristics. Setting the device up by PID  method allows to get either a manual or an automatic control as well as to carry out the missions under different weather conditions.


On the landing board there is an onboard Andruino Nano unit of  the equipment operation. You can plug in different onboard units  such as a digital barometric pressure sensor with a LED altitude indicator,  a dropping system unit,  an obstacle detection and collision avoidance unit and so on.

The board itself can be used separately  to have the practice in  using onboard equipment programs without a quadcopter.

Subsidiary Units

The line of subsidiary units enables to make the lessons, competitions and vehicles’ operation more varied, for example, an obstacle detection and collision avoidance unit, a WIFI operating set, GPS navigation system and others.


PID controller C++ (Arduino programming  development)

The Basic Set

Flight Controller

Basic Onboard Controllers


Преимущества серии УМК «ЖУЖА» на платформе COPTER.SPACE

Modular Modifications of the Teaching Method “Zhuzha” 2.0

The Advantages of the Teaching Method “Zhuzha” Series Based on the COPTER.SPACE Platform

Ready To Fly Vehicles

The lessons begin with operating, summer practice and the process of programming. There are no breakage risks  at a poor assembly.

Modular Modification

Special units enable to get some additional learning and skills ( GPS operating, First Person View  (FPV), gas detectors, etc.). The rich training course is becoming variable.

The Unlimited Range Of Students

The modular construction and solderless  assembly enables to have simultaneous parallel teaching of the unlimited quantity of students’ groups.

Solderless Assembly  At the Start

Assembling-dismantling and modificating works are carried out manually without using tools. It makes the environment of the training course easy and intensified.

3D Modelling

The vehicles are accompanied by 3D details’ models ready to be printed or being reworked by the students. The training courses integration is useful and exciting.


You can learn how to make electronic boards or devices from Arduino Nano to your own hinged modules in Deep Trace program.

Supplier Warranty

All the sets are ready-to-use products with guaranteed lifetime. All rights reserved.


The COPTER.SPACE team will help you to deal with technical issues online as well as to prepare the teams, organizers, jury  and others for any competitions.


Zhuzha Is An Altimeter

Package:  Teaching Method “Zhuzha”

An additional onboard controller with a barometric pressure indicator

Task: to measure the takeoff  level from the starting point and onboard signal lights indicating.

Programming: development environment Arduino.

Zhuzha Is A Spy

Package:  Flight Unit “Zhuzha”, flifht controller with a GPS unit

An additional unit is  a video camera.

Task: video-recording the exact area flying a programmed route (waypoints).

Programming: programming the flights, setting up the flight controller.

Zhuzha Is A Transporter

Package:  Teaching Method “Zhuzha”

An additional onboard controller with a servo unit.

Task: transporting the load on a given trajectory with its unloading at a demanded point.

Programming: development environment Arduino.

Zhuzha Is A Rescuer

Package:  Flight Unit “Zhuzha”, flifht controller with a GPS unit

An additional unit is an obstacle detection and collision avoidance unit

Task: flying a maze trajectory without touching the obstacles and flying back to the starting point.

Programming: programming the flights, setting up the flight controller and the obstacle detection and collision avoidance unit.


Invent Your Own Zhuzha!

Use the additional units and onboard controllers in creating your unique air robot!
Got any questions? Contact us and we’ll help you to put your ideas into practice!